eretria hotel | Avantis Suites Hotel
eretria hotel | Avantis Suites Hotel

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eretria hotel | Avantis Suites Hotel
eretria hotel | Avantis Suites Hotel

George Kalfas, the current owner, and his family realized the uniqueness of the place very early. The serenity, the tranquility and above all the relaxation that exuded to people was unique. The Hotel was built and operated for the first time in 2004 but it took its present form in 2009 by its expansion.

The resort is one of the four-star hotels in Evia. It took its name «Avantis Suites Hotel» after the ancient inhabitants of the island of Evia, Avantes, a Greek prehistoric tribe that came from the region of Thrace. Their King Avantas (after whom they were named) led them down to Central Greece. At first, they were scattered in Peloponese, but later they moved to Evia and most of them were gathered in the area of Eretria where they settled permanently.

Since then Evia was named “Avantis” and its residents were the “Avantes”. At that time Evia took the name “Avantis” and their inhabitants were “Avantes”. “Avantas” in the Ancient Greek language means a tenacious, courageous person who never retreats in the battlefield. Much later the island became famous as an area which breeds fine cattle and was renamed to Evia (“Ef” which means “fine” and “Vous” which means “cattle” in Ancient Greek).

Nowadays, Mr. Kalfas and his family struggle year after year against all odds in order to make the resort one of the best hotels in Eretria being firm and tenacious concerning the high quality offered to their guests.

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Avantis Suites Hotel in Eretria welcomes its guests in a warm and friendly environment giving them the brightness of the Mediterranean sun and the freshness of the Gulf of Evia.

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