Sightseeings in Eretria

The Archeological Museum of Eretria

Eretria, during the ancient times, was one of the most important cities-states of the Greek world (6th-5th centuries BC).
It worth visiting the Archaeological Museum of Eretria, where there are findings from different eras. Chronologically, they cover the whole range of habitation of the area from the Copper Age to Roman times.

The collections include findings from 1,200 BC to 363 BC, such as:

– The complex of Theseus with Antiope from the pediment of the temple of Apollo
– Alabaster featuring animals
– Black-figure funerary amphora
– Necklaces

Open hours:

01/6 – 31/10 | Tuesday – Sunday | 09: 00-16: 00
01/11 – 31/05 | Tuesday – Sunday | 08: 00-15: 00
* For more information, contact: +30 22290 62206

The Ancient Theater

The ancient theater is one of the most impressive monuments we have ever since ancient Eretria period. According to indications, it was originally built in the 5th c. BC, after the Persian destruction and the rebuilding of the city, while the period of its greatest prosperity was the 4th century. B.C.
The monument was excavated by the American Archaeological School, and the local Ephorate of Antiquities is making significant efforts to restore it.
In the summer of 2018 it was reopened after 45 years, with a series of performances, enabling the visitors and the residents of our city to experience the awe that still exudes this holy place.

* For visiting collect information from the Archaeological Museum of Eretria, Contact tel.: +30 22290 62206

The Ancient Gymnasium

It is located east of the Ancient Theater of Eretria at about 200 meters away. It consists of two independent buildings, the peristyle and the southern palestra building of the 4th century BC.
The palestra was the ancient greek wrestling school and there were taking place activities such as boxing and wrestling.

The Mosaic House

A gorgeous house built in 370 BC in Eretria and it has been inhabited for about a century. Particularly important is the mosaic floor with Nereid on Hippocampus, battles of Arimaspi and Gryps, Sphinxes and Lefytes.

It is a typical example of the home architecture of the Classical and Hellenistic times.

In the 1st century BC in the area of “House of Mosaics” a burial courtyard was built.

* For visiting collect information from the Archaeological Museum of Eretria, Contact tel.: +30 22290 62206

The Temple of Apollo Daphnephoros

Temple of Apollo Daphnephoros is the most important and most famous monument of Eretria.

Its construction began at the end of 6th century. B.C. (520-490 BC) and probably not yet complete when the city was destroyed by the Persians in 490 BC.
Along with its precinct, it was the holy temple of Apollo, the religious center and the main worship site of the ancient city, situated in its central core, northernmost of the market.
Only the foundations of the Late Archaic temple, as well as the remains of the geometric temples revealed in the lower layers, can be seen today.
The Acropolis of Eretria

It is located on the hill of Eretria, called Kasteli, where you can climb for a walk, following the signs. From there you can see the ancient walls and admire the city from above.

The area wineries

Avantis Estate

The winery of the Avantis Estate is 20 minutes away from our hotel and is located in the village of Mytikas or Ambelia in the heart of Lilantio Field. For years, the Avantis Estate has been producing excellent quality wines that have won awards, great titles and distinctions. Since 2010, they became innovators by creating the first line of Lenga Grape Spa cosmetics.
Its doors open daily to show you around to its cellars and offer you fine wines to taste accompanied by local delicacies.
* For further information, tel: 22210-55350

Lykos Winery

The winery of Lykos family is just 4km away from our hotel and is in the winegrowing area of Lilantio Field. In its collection it includes a wide variety of excellent wines with several distinctions and awards.
Today, the winery is open all year round and wine tasting for the visitors takes place at the specially designed room with the old barrels and they can have a tour to the underground cellars with the oak barrels and the bottling line.
This experience can be enriched with a meal at the restaurant of the Lycus family, which has a gastronomic tradition of 60 years.

Churches – Monasteries

Saint Nikolaos (Amarynthos)

The Monastery of Saint Nikolaos in Amarynthos (just 10 minutes away from Eretria) is a monastery that dominates the mountain and is a 15th century building. You can rest your body and your soul under the 1,000-year-old plane tree and admire the unique view of the South Evian Gulf.

Saint John the Russian

Although it is a more distant route, the church of Saint John of Russia is one of the places worth visiting while in the area. The church of the saint is located in Prokopi of Evia, a beautiful village with plane trees and pine trees.

Holy Monastery of Saint David the Elder

Saint David monstery is in the heart of a lush area near the village of Drymonas in Northern Evia. You can combine the excursion there either by continuing to visit Saint John the Russian Church or as a one-day excursion to the nearby Drymona waterfalls.
Also, outside the monastery and the around area there are many other churches in memory of various saints.


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