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Our hotel is in the advantageous position to be located on the center of Evia, which makes access to the beaches very easy. Apart from the beach in front of our hotel, which you can enjoy daily, in less than an hour you can reach the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

Explore the beaches of Evia:


The beach of Heromilos is one of your closest options, since in about 45 minutes you are on the Aegean. Although small in length, its crystal-clear waters make it popular both tovisitors and locals. This small creek is protected from winds, thus the sea remains calm.

* The total distance from our hotel is 44Km

Agioi Apostoloi

The coast of Agioi Apostoloi village in southern Evia has a beach of sand, it is equipped and has several taverns and cafes that are located around it. It’s a worth visiting option in short distance.

* The total distance from our hotel is 45Km


The beach is located in Kalamos of Aliveri on the side of the Aegean Sea and has both equipped part – and not – beach. The pebbles, combined with the golden sand of the beach, the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the tense vegetation, make up an enchanting landscape worth seeing.

* The total distance from our hotel is 47Km


Mourteri is very close to Kymi and is a good opportunity to combine these two regions as a one-day excursion (see the suggested excursions). It is

one of the longest beaches of Evia and thus satisfies those who want an equipped beach but also those who need to relax and isolate. In any category you belong to, the only thing is sure is that you will be surprised by the natural beauty of the landscape.

* The total distance from our hotel is approximately 55Km


The beach of Zarakes is located in the area of Lake Dystos, a beautiful wetland, and is on the Aegean Sea side. The beach is equipped with some umbrellas and a tavern. A charming and close-by destination which will help you relax without getting tired.

* The total distance from our hotel is approximately 55Km

Galazia Limni (Blue Lagoon)

It is on the side of the Evian Gulf and is among the best beaches of the Aegean Sea. It is the perfect beach for the windy days, as the way it is formed always keeps it calm as a lake. It does not have a long beach but there is a beach bar with equipped beach front where you can enjoy your coffee or a snack.

* The total distance from our hotel is approximately 55Km


Chiliadou is one of the most famous beaches in Evia, it has pebbles and quite deep crystal-clear waters. An ideal beach for adventure lovers as its main feature is the high waves. Also, near the beach you will find one or two canteens, and there are two taverns above the beach.

At the end of the beach there is a path that leads you to a small nudist beach.

* The total distance from our hotel is approximately 57Km


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