Avantis Suites Hotel, and the town of Eretria in general, are located in the center of the island of Evia, so, the visitor who stays there can organize many day trips in the island.

While on the island it worth visiting the following destinations:


At the foot of the highest mountain in the central Evia, the mountain of Dirfys, is one of the most popular winter resorts. Reaching the village of Steni, the smell of the forest and the sound of running waters easily gain the first impressions.

Ideal destination for a one-day excursion since you can do several activities, such as:

– Visit the waterfalls in Agia Kyriaki (5 minutes away from the village)
– Hiking in the woods
– Have a break for food and dessert in the picturesque village square

* The total distance from our hotel is 28.8Km

Edipsos – St. John the Russian

The city of Edipsos is located in Northern Evia and is located at one of the 80 thermal springs that exist all over the country.

Edipsos thermal baths have healing properties and have been known since ancient times, with a history of more than 20,000 years
Specialists and doctors recommend Edipsos thermal baths for treating a very large number of medical conditions.
On the way to Edipsos, it worth stopping at the church of Saint John of Roussia in Prokopi, Evia.

* The total distance from our hotel is 130Km, while the church of Saint John of Rossos is 69Km away


Driving south, we meet Kymi, a small town and a harbor of the municipality of Evia.
Kymi, also called “The Balcony of the Aegean” has a unique architectural style with stone-built houses that remain unchanged over time, preserving the uniqueness of the area.
It has a folklore museum, which is considered to be one of the best in Greece. It is also worth tasting local sweets, such as baklava and

traditional almond truffles, as well as the famous dried figs from the famous rural women’s association of Kimi. Finish your excursion with delicious appetizers accompanied by ouzo.

* The total distance from our hotel is 60Km

Drymonas Waterfalls

Drymonas is a mountainous village in Northern Evia, at an altitude of 580m, located opposite the Monastery of Saint David, at a distance of 1km, at the foot of Xiro Mountain.
Its name is probably derived from the dense oak, and pine forests surrounding it, or from the severe cold that prevails in the area during the winter.
The path through the vegetation is simply magnificent. These gorgeous waterfalls are located at an altitude of 620 meters, by the road that begins from Rovies.
You can combine your excursion with a visit to the Monastery of Saint David as it is just 4Km away from there.

* The total distance from our hotel is 109Km


Chalkida is the capital and the main port of the island of Evia. It is built on the two sides of the Evripos Strait, with one part being on Evia and the other in Central Greece.
On its mainland, on the hill of Kanithos, dominates the Venetian Castle of Karababa, which you can visit in the morning and enjoy the city of Chalkida from above.
A highlight is the Evripos Bridge, which “opens” in the evening to allow ships to pass. The unique “Evripos” phenomenon is due to the change in the direction of the water every six hours, which means that all the small vessels and boats due to water flows can pass through at specific hours. Impressive scenery and surely does not leave our guests untouched.
Apart from its impressive bridges, Chalkida has a great market (Avanton) that is worth visiting for shopping or a walk, as there take place also various festivals and events, such as the street food festival.

We could not omit that Chalkida is also famous for its nightlife. Enjoy your drink on water front promenade overlooking the “crazy waters of Chalkida” and end the evening at one of the summer clubs of the city.

* The total distance from our hotel is 22Km

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