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Evia island is the Greece’s second largest island after Crete and one of the most beautiful islands in Greece to spend your vacations.

What makes Evia to stand out is the intense variation in the landscape and the perfect combination of the lush, wooded mountainous environment and the unbeatable coastline.

At the same time, the whole island is distinguished by a brilliant history and and great civilizations’ legacy.

An island with beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, mountain villages, thermal springs, as well as religious and walking tourist interest.


How to reach us

Our hotel has created the first mobile and tablet application about Evia. The “Discover Evia Island” app is ideal for those who want to learn more about Evia, its beaches, attractions, museums, the access and island touring and much more.

Explore the area

Eretria is situated in the central Evia, 20 min. from Chalkida and it is a very popular destination for holidays for both Greek and foreigners throughout the year.



The Archaeological Museum of Eretria was originally built in 1960 whereas between the years of 1961-1962 it was extended. The current form of the Museum is owing to the works of the extension that took place in the years 1987-1991.

Activities in Eretria

In the private beach of the Avantis Suites in Eretria, the visitor can be entertained by a wide range of water sports. Therefore, parents and their children can choose from: Jet skiing, Canoeing, Water skiing, Surfing, Tubes and Banana.


Experience the beaches

Some of the most beautiful beaches are: Limnionas Beach, the Beach of Saint Apostoli, the Beach of Mourteri, Kalamos Beach.


Avantis Suites Hotel and in general the town of Eretria are located in the centre of the island of Evia so the visitor who stays in this place can organize one day trips in the island.