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The best beaches of Evia

There is a magnificent beach hidden around every bend on Evia.

In the north, discover the beaches of Edipsos, Politikon, Limnionas, Kavos, Gregolimanos and, of course, everyone’s favorite, Agia Anna – Agkali.

In central Evia you will find the famous Hiliadou with its lush vegetation, sand and pebbles of every shape and size and its sea cave that is just begging to be explored.

The beach took its name from the small byzantine church of Panagia Hiliadou – meaning the thousandth –as, according to tradition, this was the thousandth church built by Empress Theodora.

Here you will also find Mourteri beach, loved by wind and kite-surfers, Eretria beach, Agios Merkourios, Kalamos and Korasida.

In the south, the beaches of Nea Stira, Limnionas Stiron, Xrysi Ammos and the popular Figia will welcome you into their turquoise waters.

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