Sports and activities on Evia

11 October 2018

For those who love adventure, Evia is a paradise on earth.

In Chalkida you can kayak the turbulent Evripos waters.

On Eretria’s mainland, at Malakonta, you can go horseback riding.

At M. Nikolaos mountain lodge you can rest after hiking the area’s trails.

In northern Evia you can walk the trail between the Drimonas waterfalls and the top of Ksiros Mountain.

In southern Evia you can enjoy a four-hour hike along Dimosaris gorge.

Or you can walk up Ohi, a natural “balcony” overlooking all of the central Aegean.

Finally why not delve into the mysteries of the famous “drakospita” or dragon houses at Palli Laka – the cyclopean constructions attributed to the pre-hellenic Dryopes, a tribe thought to have had supernatural powers.